Tree stumps are unattractive and take up space in your yard.  They are hazardous obstacle  and can damage lawn mowers. They are a haven for termites, ants, and beetles, which can spread to your home or other wooden structures.

We remove tree stumps by having them ground down below the surface of the soil. Stump grinding is less abrasive that traditional stump removal.  It is cost effective and there is minimal damage to your property. It allows you to achieve your landscaping goals sooner. The area can immediately be enhanced by adding new topsoil and planting grass.

If you are tired of mowing around stumps or wish to improve the appearance of your property then call us!  845-569-8795 / 845-522-4688

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Several packages to choose from 
                             stump grinding, no clean up
                             stump grinding with clean up
                             stump grinding with clean up and topsoil

We also have landscaping and snow plowing services:
                              mowing, mulching, hedge trimming
                              spring and fall clean ups
                              patios​​​​​, walkways, retaining walls

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